Volunteer needs

In January 2013, Secretary Michael P. King wrote an editorial calling for all WNPA members to take an active role in helping the organization survive. Several members responded asking how they could help.

WNPA cannot tell you what to do. You must ask yourself what your talents and time allow, determine what you can do, and then roll up your sleeves. Take a look at our list of needs below and contact King at michael (at) michaelpking.com to let him know how you’d like to help.

Here are our current needs as an organization:

Candidates for officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) – if you feel you can’t handle it, you underestimate yourself. If you have ideas, passion and a desire to help WNPA, you CAN do these positions. Too many years there have been NO candidates at all and incumbents have run unopposed or without someone to hand off their duties after years of volunteering. NEED LEVEL: VITAL

Revenue generation – Donations, membership dues, contest and convention fees are the traditional ways WNPA has subsisted. And it hasn’t been enough. Working hand in hand with the treasurer (or by being treasurer), we need someone to develop plans for best leveraging what revenue we do bring in, and investigate ways of bringing in new streams of financial support. NEED LEVEL: VITAL.

Convention committee and a convention chair – Annual conventions don’t plan themselves. There must be a leader and a group of volunteers to work with him or her, handling things like the venue, programming, vendors, marketing, donations and accommodations, if needed. NEED LEVEL: HIGH

Web and social media assistants – wnpaonline.com underwent a massive transformation a few years ago to become more visual and easier to maintain through a WordPress interface. The more people posting, the more content we’ll have, and it would follow, the more traffic we’ll get. It’s important to our viability. We need to connect that content and our events with more people more consistently on Facebook and Twitter, too. Members want to see other members’ work!  NEED LEVEL: HIGH

Regional point-people and membership recruiters – The NPPA has regions to serve as grassroots mobilization areas for a very large organization. Kentucky News Photographers does a similar thing on a state level. It could help us immensely to develop regions and regional leaders. While much of the membership (like the population) is concentrated in the southern and eastern regions of the state, there are many visual journalists we aren’t effectively reaching and serving elsewhere. (Maybe you’re one of them!) And there are many potential members in our communities that we need to invite to join us. NEED LEVEL: HIGH

Contest assistants – The POY and Student POY contests are a large undertaking and a months-long process. Help the contest coordinator stay sane by helping on  “judgment day” helping  process results and posting the news to the website. Could WNPA have a statewide, traveling photo exhibit? Takes people to do it… NEED LEVEL: MODERATE

Event and community involvement coordinators – start an event in your area… have an “open projector” night at your home or in your newsroom… invite others in the community to show work and critique each other and share fellowship on a local level. Organize a exhibition of member work, or do outreach events at schools or nursing homes to help educate people about what we do so they’ll continue to appreciate it for years to come.  NEED LEVEL: MODERATE