2015 Multimedia results

2015 Multimedia results

1)Alzheimers- Dan Powers/ Post-Crescent Media 2) Sudden Freedom- Kyle Bursaw/ Green Bay Press-Gazette 3) Homeless- Marisa Wojcik– Eau Claire Leader-Telegram!videos/crjv Honorable Mention  Madisyn Schwanke; Alopecia Areata- John Ehlke/ The Daily News in West Bend.  

WNPA Speakers

WNPA Speakers

Ben Garvin Ben Garvin is an Emmy Award-winning multimedia photojournalist for KARE11 News. He’s been named Journalist of the Year by the Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, photographer of the year by the Minnesota News Photographers Association and his work on assignment for the New York Times was included in the paper’s Pulitzer Prize-winning […]

Help needed: WNPA producing “Best of 2011” for WNA

WNPA is producing a multimedia presentation showcasing the best of Wisconsin photojournalism in 2011. It will be shown during dinner at the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s annual convention on Thursday evening, Feb. 23, 2012, in Madison. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to promote quality photojournalism. All Wisconsin photojournalists are welcome to enter. We need […]

Covering the Campaign: A newcomers perspective to video journalism

As the newspaper industry focuses more on Video and multimedia production for online presentation, more reporters and photojournalists are reaching for video cameras instead of pens, notebooks, voice recorders and still cameras. At many newspapers, reporters and photojournalists are learning new techniques together, giving them more common experiences and further blurring the distinctions between traditional […]

WNPA multimedia contest proposal/discussion

I am re-posting this thread because the topic is generating some new discussion. I am also including an update: My opinion is that we begin with introducing video/multimedia as part of our clip contest judging.  Here is my proposal: Proposal for adding multimedia/video to the WNPA monthly clip contest by Scott Anderson January 3,2008 what: […]

Using Video Frame Grabs in Print: A Case Study

By Scott Anderson As a video producer, I have been asked a number of times whether our newspaper, the Racine, Wis. Journal Times, uses frame grabs from video for the print edition. It is a topic that has been gaining more interest over the last couple years as more photojournalists trade still cameras and […]

Registration now available for August Multimedia Producers Workshop in MN.

2007 Multimedia News Producers Workshop: Audio and Video Storytelling Register Here August 16-18, 2007 Ready to learn to gather sound, shoot video and structure a great story? The Institute for New Media Studies has the workshop for you. In this hands-on workshop you will learn to: Gather and edit audio Shoot and edit video Tell […]

News Videographer an online resource for photojournalists

By Scott Anderson WNPA Webmaster As more and more news photographers pick up video and sound editing equipment in our changing field, they often are forced to learn on the fly. As a supplement to, and often in place of company-supported industry training, many of us cobble together tips, tricks and workable solution from a […]

Another video award comes out of Appleton Post-Crescent Staff

The visual staff of the Appleton, Wis. Post-Crescent recently garnered another award for their work in the medium of video. This one, from the National Press Photographer Association during their annual Best of Photojournalism Competition, is for Real to Reel, a video weblog containing a variety of video and multimedia selections from the paper. The […]

photo vs. video, what are you shooting more of?

As more and more news photographers carry video cameras and sound recorders in addition to a full compliment of digital camera gear, it raises some interesting questions about workflow and the capabilities of one person to provide visuals across a variety of media. Are you shooting more video and recording more sound? Is it coming […]

New monthly NPPA multimedia contest underway

Results from NPPA’s new monthly multimedia contest are beginning to pour in on, marking the early stages of regular regonition for multimedia producers and reporters from across the country and around the world. Visit the contest site here: NPPA Multimedia Contest/ All NPPA members are eligible and encouraged to participate. Here are the four […]

2006 POY: A Multimedia Category?

This is the official discussion thread for talking about whether or not this year’s Wisconsin News Photographer Association’s Photographer of the Year competition should consider adding a multimedia category. Here are some arguments and counterarguments to get us going: Why we should add a multimedia category: Photojournalists across the state and across the country are […]

New E-Mail List for Newspaper Video Shooters

August 18, 2006 – Are you creating video for your paper’s website? Feeling lonely and outcast? Join the NewspaperVideo email list for fellow photographers who have discovered the joys of dropouts, codecs, nle’s, and bitrates! Newspaper video journalists are a rare but rapidly-expanding breed. I’m Chuck Fadely, a veteran still shooter at the Miami Herald. […]

De Sisti brings video cred to Appleton Post-Crescent

Mike De Sisti, a photojournalist with the Appleton Post-Crescent has been steadily producing high-quality video reporting projects over the last couple of years for the newspaper. His work was rewarded by the National Press Photographers Association for his video project on Octoberfest. The video he created was awarded an honorable mention for ‘Best Multimedia Package.’ […]

Reflections on the 2005 Platypus Workshop

Reflections on the 2005 Platypus Workshop

By Mike De Sisti The word ‘video,’ I know, can carry negative connotations. We’ve all heard horror stories about still photographers in newsrooms being handed video cameras and told to, “Go ahead and shoot some video for the website while your shooting stills.” I don’t know about you, but for me all 100% of the […]