Media Law

WIAA allows newspapers to sell photos of sports events

After several months of occasionally hostile negotiation, the Associated Press is reporting that the WIAA is allowing newspapers to sell printed photographs taken by staff members at state tournament games. Although this announcement heads off a potential court battle between the WIAA and state newspapers, complications remain regarding newspapers that are interested in generating video […]

OUT OF BOUNDS: NPPA takes in-depth look at state newspapers clash with WIAA

A recent article published online by the National Press Photographers Association, takes a detailed look at Wisconsin newspaper’s clash with the WIAA over usage, resale and access rights to state high school athletic events. This rising debate in Wisconsin is being echoed in several other states, including Louisiana, where state newspapers have successfully agreed […]

JSonline, AP cover as WIAA, newspapers spar over photos, video

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Associated Press reported Wednesday on escalating tensions between the WIAA and state newspapers over the production of photos and video at WIAA sanctioned events. Here is a link to the Associated Press story: Newspapers refuse to pay WIAA $100 licensing fee Here is the first half of the article […]

WIAA orders two Wisconsin newspapers to stop selling tournament video coverage

By Mark Hertzberg, Racine Journal Times Director of Photography WNPA members are joining several state and national organizations in opposition to credentialing regulations of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). We have become aware that WIAA has contracted with two independent photography business, one still and one video, to cover tournaments, including regional sectional rounds. […]

NPPA vents over NFL ban on local television crews

On Monday, the National Press Photographers Association published a report expressing the organization’s frustration over a recent NFL ruling which bans local television crews and their cameras from the sidelines of NFL game during gameplay. Here is part of NPPAs report: DURHAM, NC (April 10, 2006) – The president of the National Press Photographers Association […]

AP pulls coverage from LPGA tournament due to suspect credential demands

The Associated Press is reporting from Kapolei, Hawaii, that they have been refused credentials to cover the Ladies Professional Golf Association Fields Open golf tournament in an ongoing dispute over new credential restrictions on use of its stories and photographs. This morning the National Press Photographers Association voiced support for AP’s refusal to agree to […]

NCAA Putting Sportsshooter on notice is reporting that the NCAA is holding a meeting next week to determine what to do with members who post images of collegiate athletes in their member galleries. Their story begins as follows: AUSTIN, TX (January 28, 2006) – Officials from the National Collegiate Athletic Association will meet next Friday at NCAA headquarters […]