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Kienitz v. Sconnie Nation hits 7th Circuit on appeal

A federal copyright lawsuit by Madison-based photographer Michael Kienitz has reached the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Oral arguments were held Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, in Michael Kienitz v. Sconnie Nation, LLC. Here is a 26-minute MP3 recording of the debate. In 2012, Kienitz (a WNPA member) levied a federal copyright lawsuit […]

Anatomy of a Lawsuit – Part II: The Answer

This is the second installation of a multi-part educational series about federal copyright lawsuits, using Kienitz v. Sconnie Nation, LLC et al as an example. We’ll take a look at the court documents and attempt to make sense of them. If there are any oral arguments, we’ll analyze them. If there’s a ruling, we’ll break […]

Anatomy of a Lawsuit – Part I: Complaint and Summons

This is the first installation of a multi-part educational series about federal copyright lawsuits, using Kienitz v. Sconnie Nation, LLC et al, as an example. We’ll take a look at the court documents and attempt to make sense of them. If there are any oral arguments, we’ll analyze them. If there’s a ruling, we’ll break […]

NPPA’s Business Blitz Roadshow to stop in Chicago

The National Press Photographers Association announced last week that its wildly successful Business Blitz Roadshow is coming to Chicago this fall on October 19-20. The program, in its second year, offers low-cost education and inspiration to visual journalists so they can establish sustainable businesses. Other stops in 2012 include Boston (July 13-14), Austin, TX (Sept. […]

Kienitz sues Sconnie Nation, Underground Printing

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, photographer Michael Kienitz has filed a federal copyright lawsuit against Sconnie Nation and Underground Printing over a T-shirt sold earlier this year in advance of the 2012 Mifflin Street Block Party. The shirt features an altered version of Kienitz’s portrait of Madison mayor Paul Soglin. The mayor has been […]

Wisconsin photographer’s guide to election day coverage

by Michael P. King, Secretary, Wisconsin News Photographers Association Next Tuesday, June 5, droves of Wisconsin voters will head to the polls to decide the political fates of Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in the historic gubernatorial recall election. In almost ritualistic fashion, reporters and photojournalists across the state will […]

Photographer may bring suit against Sconnie Nation

Madison-based photographer Michael Kienitz, quoted in this story by The Daily Cardinal, says he will file charges against Sconnie Nation, a popular State Street clothing retailer, over their unauthorized use of one of his photographs on a t-shirt. Kienitz’s photograph of Madison mayor Paul Soglin, which appears on the City of Madison website, was incorporated into […]

NPPA lawyer added to Convention lineup

NPPA lawyer added to Convention lineup

Mickey H. Osterreicher, general counsel to the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), and of Counsel to the law firm of Hiscock & Barclay, LLP, will join the Wisconsin News Photographers Association for its 2012 ANNUAL CONVENTION, speaking Saturday afternoon, May 12, 2012, at the Hotel Metro in Milwaukee. EVENT REGISTRATION FORM HERE. FACEBOOK RSVP HERE. […]

No citations for Wentz-Graff

According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, photographer Kristyna Wentz-Graff will not be given citations stemming from her Nov. 2 arrest while she was documenting a rally connected with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Wentz-Graff is the second journalist arrested this year by the Milwaukee Police Department. Charges against Clint Fillinger of Fox […]

Milwaukee drops charges against Fillinger

Clint Fillinger, a FOX 6 photojournalist arrested in September while covering a house fire in Milwaukee, is no longer being charged for resisting or obstructing an officer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The Nov. 2 arrest of Kristyna Wentz-Graff, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photojournalist, is apparently still being reviewed by the Milwaukee city attorney’s office. […]

Flynn to meet with media outlets Wednesday

UPDATE 11/9/2011 4:19 p.m.: WNPA has heard that today’s private meeting between media representatives and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was very productive. While we are very pleased to see that things seem to be heading in “the right direction,” we aren’t yet considering the issues “resolved.” We will continue to offer our recommendations and […]

Milwaukee mayor speaks out in support of Wentz-Graff

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, said Thursday that it was “very clear to me that she was a photojournalist…I very much support her First Amendment rights to be there.” With that article is a new photograph that has surfaced of Wentz-Graff being arrested. It shows clearly that she […]

UPDATE: Flynn to seek meeting with media

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting this afternoon that Ed Flynn, Milwaukee’s chief of police, said in a news conference this morning that he will be inviting media representatives to talk about police policy and preventing incidents in the future. Read the full story here. This comes after the recent arrests of two Milwaukee photojournalists: […]

Milwaukee police claim ignorance, WNPA sends letter

Milwaukee Police are claiming they didn’t know Kristyna Wentz-Graff, left, was a photojournalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel until she arrived at the downtown police station. That’s what Anne Schwartz, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn’s PR manager, had to say to the media after Wentz-Graff was arrested along with two protesters in a UW-Milwaukee-area march […]

WNPA’s public statement on the arrest of Wentz-Graff

The Wisconsin News Photographers Association finds today’s arrest of Kristyna Wentz-Graff entirely unacceptable. This is the second time this year that Milwaukee Police officers have arrested a photographer legally going about their job. It is time for the Milwaukee Police to recognize that photography is not a crime. Journalists provide a public service, but in […]

BREAKING: Journal Sentinel’s Wentz-Graff arrested

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photojournalist Kristyna Wentz-Graff was among three people arrested by the Milwaukee Police Department today as she covered a rally connected with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Wentz-Graff was photographing the arrest of a protester who was participating in a march near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Shortly after that initial arrest, police grabbed […]

WNPA receives reply from Milwaukee chief of police

WNPA has received a response to its letter sent last week regarding the arrest of Clint Fillinger, a photojournalist at Fox 6 in Milwaukee. The letter is from the Milwaukee Police Department and is signed personally by chief of police Edward A. Flynn. Read it here: MPD’s Response Letter 9/26/2011 Related Stories: WNPA sends letter […]

WNPA sends letter to Milwaukee Police Chief

On behalf of the organization, WNPA Secretary Michael P. King has sent a letter to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn regarding the mistreatment of WITI Fox 6 photojournalist Clint Fillinger by Milwaukee Police sergeants. The letter was also sent to Anne Schwartz (Flynn’s public relations manager), the Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission, Mayor Tom […]

Milwaukee police chief says photographer should have complied

Further concerning news is coming out of Milwaukee as Fox 6 News in Milwaukee continues to report on the arrest of one of their photographers Clint Fillinger. They have now aired an interview with Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn where Flynn states: “If the cameraman had simply complied with the instructions to back off from […]

Milwaukee TV photojournalist arrested by police

Add yet another incident to the growing list of police-media altercations. This one, unfortunately, is closer to home. Fox 6 reports (with video) that their photographer Clint Fillinger was arrested by Milwaukee Police at a house fire last Sunday night. The station reports that Fillinger was standing with public bystanders – behind the police line […]

New Photographers Bill of Rights drafted

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council in partnership with the Wisconsin News Photographers Association drafted a new Photographers’ Bill of Rights. Here is the preface from the Bill of Rights: PHOTOGRAPHERS IN WISCONSIN have the same rights of access as other citizens; if the general public can photograph or videotape a location or event, the […]

Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council

The WNPA needs a member to volunteer to represent the WNPA for the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.  Currently Doug Wojick of the Stevens Point Journal is a WNPA representive for the council.  Hank Koshollek has spent years on the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council  representing WNPA and has stepped down from that poisition after […]

WIAA seeks clarification on earlier article on WNPAonline

On April 13, WNPAonline posted an article summarizing WIAA’s  stance on photo reprint sales rights now that a similar situation in Illinois has been decided through the Illinois state senate. Todd C. Clark, director of communications for the WIAA, read the article on WNPAonline and felt opinions expressed in a number of cited media works […]

NPPA consul sees WIAA policy as Don’t ask don’t tell

By Scott Anderson WNPAonline On April 1, the Illinois State Senate passed a bill preventing the Illinois High School Association from barring photographers from the sidelines of sporting events even if the newspapers they work for make their photos available for sale to the public. See Related Article While this issue in Illinois has been […]