April 2015 Clip Contest is Open (extended to May 15th)

It came to my attention that the package did not auto open this month. To compensate we’ll open the clip contest from now until May 15th.

Please review the rules before you enter.

How to enter:

1) Prepare your files.

Filenaming is very critical because if you upload two images with the same file name, one will be overwritten. To solve this, please follow the following naming convention to ensure everyone has unique file names:

Start with the two letter category code followed by an underscore:

Spot news = sn_ General news = gn_ Feature = fe_ Multiple = mu_ Illustration = il_ Sports = sp_ Portrait = po_

Then follow it by your first initial, then your middle initial then your last name. If you have more than one photo in a category follow it by a number. For example:

Jon Doe Smith enters two photos in the spot news category:

sn_jdsmith1.jpg sn_jdsmith2.jpg

Please number your multiple category pictures in the order you want judges to view them. If you have more than 10 photos make sure they go 01, 02, 03…09, 10, 11, etc.

2) Go to airdropper.com/wnpaonline and for the password, type in the month and year of the month you want to submit to:

For example: april2014, june2014

This will then take you to the upload page where you can upload all the files you have for that month all at once.


2 Responses to “April 2015 Clip Contest is Open (extended to May 15th)”

  1. Bob Borkowski says:

    The May 2015 Clips Contest does not open and the April 2015 Clips contest was still open on Sunday (May 7, 2015)

    Please advise



  2. Gregory Shaver says:

    I could never get the May clips to upload. Not sure if it ever opened up as I did not see a link on the website for May clips.

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