April 2013 Clip Contest Results

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Feature 1st – Recess at MacArthur Elementary School (John Ehlke)
We liked the spontaneous nature of this image though wished the boy hadn’t been cropped so severely.

Feature 2nd – Anthony Wahl, The Monroe Times
We liked the symmetry in this image and felt it could have also done well in the portrait category.

Feature 3rd – Matthew Apgar/HTR Media
A slightly different composition could have pushed this image higher. This photo is one of those pictures that makes you want to examine it in detail and it had a lot of things going on in it. The top right of the frame disrupted that flow.


General News:

General News 1st – Election Night Party (John Ehlke)
We liked this one for the raw emotion more than the composition.

General News 2nd – Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal
We felt that while this is a quiet picture, it told a good story about a lack of engagement and/or interest.

General News 3rd – Scott Anderson
There were a few pictures that appeared to be in the wrong category and probably would have done better elsewhere.



Multiple 1st – Anthony Wahl, The Monroe Times

Multiple 2nd – Scott Anderson

Multiple 3rd – Colorado Rockies vs Milwaukee Brewers (John Ehlke)

We all agreed that all three winners would have been much stronger had they been edited a little tighter. There were a lot of redundant pictures that detracted from each entry.



Portrait 1st – Wm. Glasheen/Post-Crescent Media
a nice slice of emotion here

Portrait 2nd – Lukas Keapproth/Press-Gazette
this was a quick read- we immediately felt like we knew something about this guy.

Portrait 3rd – Samantha Christian, Watertown Daily Times
great expression, drew you in and made you want to know more

We were a little surprised at how weak this category was, particularly when we saw several photos in feature or general news that could have been classified as really nice portraits.



Sports 1st – Wm. Glasheen/Gannett Wisconsin M
This is a nice, well-composed, clean reaction and a story-telling moment from the game. good job!

Sports 2nd – Wm. Glasheen/Gannett Wisconsin M
This picture is one anybody would be happy to come away from a game with – it’s got the ball, faces, action.

Sports 3rd – Anthony Wahl, The Monroe Times
The photographer hit the peak moment here but the background was a bit distracting.

As a whole the category seemed fairly pedestrian though a few of the entries clearly showed photographers taking some chances. And while they may have come up short this time around, it is good to see people trying something different and really reaching for those low-percentage pictures. When they hit it, the effort will pay off.


Spot News:

Spot News 1st – Anthony Wahl, The Monroe Times
One of the few that seemed to get close and have any sort of connection with the person in the photo

Spot News 2nd – Wm. Glasheen/Gannett Wisconsin M
We appreciated the photographer trying to take a pictorial approach to an unusual spot news event.

Third Place – N/A

This was probably the weakest category of the bunch – photographers were either under-lensed and too far away or arrived well after the fact.


Alan Lessig, Senior Picture Editor; Jen Milbrett, Picture Editor; Tom Brown, Staff Photographer; Colin Kelly, Senior Video Journalist; Mike Morones, Staff Photographer.

350 Anthony Wahl
350 Michael P. King
230 John Ehlke
210 Dan Powers
210 John Hart
210 Wm. Glasheen
160 Scott Anderson
90 Amber Arnold
80 Lukas Keapproth
80 Terry Mayer
60 Matthew Apgar
40 Mary Langenfeld
30 Ron Page
30 Samantha Christian

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