June Clip Contest Results

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(Overall, the toughest category to judge with some very good entries.)

Feature 1st – Meg Vogel/ The Post-Crescent
This rodeo photo was the clear winner. Beautiful composition and nice storytelling of a bit of Americana. Very National Geographic.
Feature 2nd – Matthew Apgar/HTR
Guy upside down on a lift, painting a giant cow sculpture. A slightly difficult read, but enough weirdness and juxtaposition to make it good.
Feature 3rd – Catcher in the Dry (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Drought photo. Obvious story teller with nice contrast between primary colors. The barefoot guy added a nice human element.

General News:
A lot of entries here, but not a lot of real good images.

General News 1st – Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent
We went with this rally photo for the emotion in all the faces and the useful up-angle that helps give the image context for locals who might recognize this location from the unusual ceiling.
General News 2nd – Wm. Glasheen/The Post-Crescent
A photo from a blood drive had good emotion that carried it.
General News 3rd – Scott Anderson
Wife hugging husband (presumably the candidate) from a political rally. Could have cropped the right side to make it stronger.

Only two entries, only one of which was really an illustration.

Illustration 1st – Terry Mayer CSI MEDIA LLC
Illustration about texting and driving worked because photographer used a dented cell phone and a trashed junk-yard car. Worth the extra effort.
Illustration 2nd – Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal
Nice food photo; wouldn’t have placed if their were more illustrative options.

We thought there would have been more entrants in this category.

Portrait 1st – Matthew Apgar/HTR
Clear winner. Beautiful composition, light, expression, color in a spontaneous portrait of a glass art vendor.
Portrait 2nd – Wm. Glasheen/The Post-Crescent
Nice expression and composition of a bingo guy.
Portrait 3rd – CRAIG SCHREINER
Intimate image of a guy who helped preserve a historic chapel.

Strong entries in this category.

Sports 1st – Trampoline Competition (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Strong composition and camera angle on this gymnast sealed the deal for us.
Sports 2nd – Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent
Good reaction photo of baseball players walking off field with the second-place trophy.
Sports 3rd – Wm. Glasheen/The Post-Crescent
Nice action of outfielder falling over fence to make a play, but where’s the ball?
Honorable Mention – Meg Vogel/ The Post-Crescent
Well-done rodeo action photo.

Spot News:
Very weak category.

Spot News 1st – Pat A. Robinson
We gave the top spot to a wide shot from a fire that features an interesting high angle.
Spot News 2nd – Teen Drownings (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
OK reaction to a drowning, but we wish there were some faces/expression.
Third Place –
Nothing else in this category merited a third place vote.

We had hoped to see photo essays here, rather than just collections of photos on a subject.

Multiple 1st – Scott Anderson
Good variety of photos from an extreme running event. A bit too much “Hand-Of-God” burning on at least one image, though.
Multiple 2nd – Bhakti Fest (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Also some good variety, especially image #7. Image #9 would have been better with an extreme crop down to the subject’s ankles as they went through the door.
Multiple 3rd – Humane Society (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Good variety on a story about a Humane Society but image #3 and #5 are too similar. Photographer began to try to tell a story with image #8 by going to the home of an client who adopted a pet from the Humane Society. Probably needed something of a happy family leaving the building or loading a pet into a vehicle for a little more context.


605 John Hart
450 Dan Powers
320 Scott Anderson
250 John Ehlke
245 Wm. Glasheen
240 Mark Hoffman
190 Matthew Apgar
185 Michael P. King
180 Cory Dellenbach
160 Evan Siegle
120 Sue Pischke
105 Ron Page
105 Terry Mayer
65 Meg Vogel
50 Pat A. Robinson
30 Nick Becker

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