December 2011 Clip Contest Results

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Feature 1st Place – Matthew Apgar/HTR
Feature 2nd Place – In-flight Meal (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Feature 3rd Place – Holiday Halo (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)

General News 1st Place – Recall Scott Walker (John Ehlke)
General News 2nd Place – Finding a Fir (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
General News 3rd Place – Matthew Apgar/HTR

Portrait 1st Place – Reed Luengen (John Ehlke)
Portrait 2nd Place – Toy Lady (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ)
Portrait 3rd Place – Eric Perkins (John Ehlke)

Sports 1st Place – Hartford Union Wrestling invitational (John Ehlke)
Sports 2nd Place – Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent
Sports 3rd Place – Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent
Sports Honorable Mention – Matthew Apgar/HTR

Spot News 1st – Sue Pischke/HTR
Spot News 2nd – Matthew Apgar/HTR
Spot News 3rd Place – Sue Pischke/HTR

Illustration 1st Place – Middle Eastern Menu (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)
Illustration 2nd Place – Hubertus House of Horrors (John Ehlke)
Illustration 3rd Place – Texting Laws (Wm. Glasheen)

Judges were Jim Gerhz, McKenna Ewen and David Joles,  all Star Tribune photographers.

Current Standings:

1740 Hart, John
1030 Glasheen, Wm.
1000 Powers, Dan
925 King, Michael P.
670 Hoffman, Mark
420 Ehlke, John
360 Pischke, Sue
285 Apgar, Matthew
280 Anderson, Scott
175 Mayer, Terry
130 Shaver, Gregory
50 Becker, Matthew
40 Loucks, Tom
30 Hertzberg, Mark
15 Gardner, Katie N.
15 Langenfeld, Mary

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