2011 Clip Contest Final Results and October 2011 results

John Hart is the 2011 Clip Photographer of the Year

2030 Hart, John
1270 Powers, Dan
1060 Glasheen, Wm.
955 King, Michael P.
670 Hoffman, Mark
645 Apgar, Matthew
610 Ehlke, John
490 Pischke, Sue
280 Anderson, Scott
175 Mayer, Terry
130 Shaver, Gregory
50 Becker, Matthew
40 Loucks, Tom
30 Hertzberg, Mark
15 Gardner, Katie N.
15 Langenfeld, Mary

 October Results

Click here to see the winning images.

1st: Leafy Load (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ) –  Great find by the photographer.
2nd: Twirling (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ) – Nice use of light versus shadow. A better moment would have made this first.
3rd: School’s Out for fall Break (John Ehlke) – Photographer made a solid photo, but should have waited for a better moment.

1st: Commodore’s Ball (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter) – Interesting composition.
2nd: Mock Election (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ) – Another composition helps a a run of the mill situation
3rd: Smoke House Evacuation (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter) – Waiting for a better moment would have placed this photo higher

1st: Moped Crash (Sue Pischke/HTR) (only entry)

1st: Cross Country Runner (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter) – Great use of lighting and great creativity. Best photo of the whole contest.
2nd: Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent – Really great use of light.
3rd: Hope Scholarship (John Ehlke) – Simple and quiet, but nicely done.

1st: Intercepted! (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter) – Solid moment of action.
2nd: Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent – Best of the celebration shots
3rd: Cross Country Feet (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter) – The one photo in the category in which the photographer used some creativity.

1st: Days of Ore (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ) – Most complete story. Some strong photos, but needed a much tighter edit.
2nd: Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent – Great access on this story. Photographer needs to continue working this. Stronger moments will happen. Final frame was the story-telling picture and really helped this story place.
3rd: Family Bakery (Michael P. King) – Great images and a nice little story. Photographer could have done more to explore the family relationships though.

Dave Ellis, Director of Photographry
Reza Marvashti, Chief Photographer
Peter Cihelka, Staff Photographer

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  1. Congrats John! Very well deserved-you’re making some awesome photos out there in Madison!

  2. Dewey says:

    Congrats John! Very deserving.

  3. Bill Glasheen says:

    Nice job John!!!

  4. John Ehlke says:

    Congrats John on a very strong year.

  5. John Hart says:

    Thanks very much, guys. There was some great work all the way around. Best of luck to everyone in this year’s contest –

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