WNPA’s public statement on the arrest of Wentz-Graff

The Wisconsin News Photographers Association finds today’s arrest of Kristyna Wentz-Graff entirely unacceptable. This is the second time this year that Milwaukee Police officers have arrested a photographer legally going about their job. It is time for the Milwaukee Police to recognize that photography is not a crime. Journalists provide a public service, but in Milwaukee they are being treated like a public threat.

Kristyna is a long-time member of our organization and a three-time winner of our Photographer of the Year award. She is the epitome of “professional,” and we will stand with her and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in this matter.

We will be contacting Police Chief Flynn and others to express our dismay over Kristyna’s arrest, and we hope that they will be willing to sit down with us and other media organizations to discuss how we can prevent incidents like this from happening in the future. We made the same offer in September when photographer Clint Fillinger of Fox 6 was arrested. So far, they have not taken us up on our offer.

Michael P. King
Wisconsin News Photographers Association

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