Milwaukee police claim ignorance, WNPA sends letter

Milwaukee Police are claiming they didn’t know Kristyna Wentz-Graff, left, was a photojournalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel until she arrived at the downtown police station. That’s what Anne Schwartz, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn’s PR manager, had to say to the media after Wentz-Graff was arrested along with two protesters in a UW-Milwaukee-area march related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read the full Journal Sentinel story here.

On behalf of the organization, WNPA secretary Michael P. King sent a letter Thursday morning to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn objecting to the arrest of Wentz-Graff. The letter was also sent to Schwartz, the Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission, Mayor Tom Barrett, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editor Martin Kaiser.

Read the full letter here: WNPA-Milwaukee-Police-11-2-11

We will continue to post updates, particularly should we receive a reply to our letter.

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