Flynn to meet with media outlets Wednesday

UPDATE 11/9/2011 4:19 p.m.: WNPA has heard that today’s private meeting between media representatives and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was very productive. While we are very pleased to see that things seem to be heading in “the right direction,” we aren’t yet considering the issues “resolved.” We will continue to offer our recommendations and assistance to any parties involved.

In the wake of the recent arrests of photojournalists Clint Fillinger of WITI Fox 6 and Kristyna Wentz-Graff of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn will meet on Wednesday afternoon with Milwaukee newspaper editors, and TV and radio station news directors to discuss police/press relations.

Representatives from NPPA and WNPA have not been invited to the meeting, although Flynn and the department’s spokeswoman Anne Schwartz have reportedly said they may ask to meet with the two organizations at a later date. We hold some hope this will happen. Schwartz did reach out to those representatives Tuesday afternoon, asking for their recommendations for proper police policies as they relate to the media. will attempt to provide an accurate report of any and all police/press relations meetings as details become available.

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