Results of September Clip Contest

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Judged by David Snodgress, photography manager, and Chris Howell, senior photojournalist.
Bloomington, Ind. Herald-Times

First Place – YMCA Pie to Face (John Ehlke)
Second Place – Dog Show Kiss (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter)
Third Place – (Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent)
A solid, if small, collection of nice photographs. We liked the joyful face and simple graphics and color of the winner.

General News:
First Place – LaborFest Dance (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ)
Second Place – Doggone Winning Weiner Dog (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter)
Third Place – iPads at Fair Park Elementary (John Ehlke)
The expressions of the mother and daughter make a dynamic picture, although we would have cropped it a little tighter to really focus on the faces. We believe this category could be collapsed together with spot news to form a single, stronger news category.  Many of these entries could then go into feature — strengthening that category as well.

First Place – Affirmative Action Rally (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ)
Second Place – Nation of Patriots (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journ)
Third Place – Ten House (Wm. Glasheen)
We felt the affirmative action rally was the strongest story with tight editing, varied images and strongest content.
Each picture in Nation of Patriots was also strong as a single image. The revolving door picture was seeing an unexpected moment.
Ten House had some strong images, especially the tourists peering in the windows, but too many weaker images.

First Place – West Bend High School 1944 Reunion (John Ehlke)
Second Place – Buckskiners Encamoment (John Ehlke)
Third Place – Iraq Veteran (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)
There are several good pictures to go with news stories here.  Our favorites were the old person smiling, the “buckskinner” and the Iraq war veteran. We thought the first and second places could be cropped a little tighter to eliminate distracting elements (the name tag and bright spot on 1st and tighter on the face and pipe for 2nd). The lighting and careful lighting of the vet worked well, although the corners of the bottom picture behind his shoulder was a little distracting.  I know — we’re nit-picking.

First Place – Head-Ball-Foot (Wm. Glasheen)
Second Place – The Best Offense Is A Good Defense (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter)
Third Place –  (Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent)
The soccer picture rose to the top quickly, but we struggled with 2nd and 3rd — there were many pictures that were essentially equal.

Spot News:
First Place –  (Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent)
Second Place – House Fire (Wm. Glasheen)
Third Place – (Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent )
A weak category — needs some help from some of the General News entries.

First Place – Summer salad (Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Second Place – Monfongos Rellenos (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)
Third Place – Tuna (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)
Like spot news, there’s barely enough here to judge.  Fortunately they were all good.

1540 Hart, John
1000 Glasheen, Wm.
930 Powers, Dan
925 King, Michael P.
670 Hoffman, Mark
280 Anderson, Scott
280 Pischke, Sue
200 Ehlke, John
175 Mayer, Terry
150 Apgar, Matthew
130 Shaver, Gregory
50 Becker, Matthew
40 Loucks, Tom
30 Hertzberg, Mark
15 Gardner, Katie N.
15 Langenfeld, Mary

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