April 2011 Clip Contest Results

Click here to see the winning images.

Feature 1st – Hats off to Spring (John Hart)
Feature 2nd – Thumbs Up (Wm. Glasheen)
Feature 3rd – Cold Game (Wm. Glasheen)

General News 1st – Goodbye, Mayor Dave (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)
General News 2nd – Election night wait drags on (Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
General News 3rd – Second Year of Connstruction (Wm. Glasheen)

Illustration 1st – Free Range Eggs (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)

Multiple 1st – Road Project (John Hart)

Spot News 1st – Lost Roof (Wm. Glasheen)
Spot News 2nd – JawsOfLife (Dan Powers, The Post-Crescent)
Spot News 3rd – TornadoDamage (Dan Powers, The Post-Crescent)

Sports 1st – Smacked (Dan Powers, The Post-Crescent)
Sports 2nd – Fouled (Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Sports 3rd – Beating the tag (Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Judging provided by The Denver Post photography department.

Current Standings:

1400 Hart, John
880 Glasheen, Wm.
825 King, Michael P.
790 Powers, Dan
620 Hoffman, Mark
280 Anderson, Scott
280 Pischke, Sue
175 Mayer, Terry
130 Shaver, Gregory
50 Becker, Matthew
40 Loucks, Tom
30 Hertzberg, Mark
30 Ehlke, John
30 Apgar, Matthew
15 Gardner, Katie N.
15 Langenfeld, Mary

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  1. Dan Powers says:

    Thanks for the results! I tried to look at the winning images for some reason it wasn’t working. Adios…Dan.

  2. dsundin says:

    Thanks Dan, it works now.

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