August Clip Contest Results

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1st Place – Mustard Day (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Nice behind the scenes look and giving the readers something they normally wouldn’t see during the event!

2nd Place (Dan Powers)…….Again, nice little slice-of-life moment that gives us a pulled back look and feel for what is going on.

3rd Place – First Day of Practice (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Decent picture that would normally have been shot tight and up front. Nice secondary picture to an overall possible package!


1st Place – Teachers Rally (John Hart)…….Nice emotion in this photo. Might have liked to see it a little wider but great waiting for the moment!

2nd Place – Labor Protest (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Another nice picture from a rally…good emotion and composition but be careful with the wide lens…the arms are getting a bit stretched out.

3rd Place (Sue Pischke/HTR)…….We had a hard time awarding a 3rd place but this was the best of the rest. Decent storytelling pic that seemed a little soft but filled with information.


1st Place – Abduction Victim (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Nice emotion in portrait in conjuction with the storytelling it provides. This was easily first because it has multiple layers and a story with it….not just a pretty portrait!

2nd Place (Dan Powers)…….This was just nice and simple…doesn’t give us too much information but it is clean…watch such heavy use on the tilts shift or filter….a bit heavy.

3rd Place (Dan Powers)…….We assume it is the same shooter so same comment as above with #2….blur is almost too distracting.


NO awards were given as there was only one entry and we weren’t too hot on the photo anyhow.


1st Place (Matthew L. Becker)…….BEST picture of the monthly clip contest right here! Fantastic moment and something we have never seen before and we cover the Colts camp every season!

2nd Place (Dan Powers)………Another GREAT photo that we have never seen. Loved that it was shot from the back and one of the most unique photos in the contest! Way to keep your eyes peeled!

3rd Place (Dan Powers)………A different take on the sport of diving….bold move but a great extra shot to use in a package…worked well as a single within this category!


1st Place – Great Taste Beer Fest (John Hart, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Best of the category with variety and well composed shots. Would like to see a few more personal moments from the event though. Too many “glass” shots.

2nd Place – Geese Ordinance (Michael P. King, Wisconsin State Journal)…….Decent photos here that had potential to take first if more time was given to it…lose the shot of the PR guy talking and it is better and tighter but nice photos.

3rd Place – A Day In The Life: The Mariners Trail (Matthew Apgar/Herald Times Reporter)…….Had a hard time giving a third place but at least the photographer spent time on this piece. Edit tighter and again, include more moments and shoot at sunset, early morning, night??

Judged by Staff Photographers – Matt Detrich, Robert Scheer and Charlie Nye at The Indianapolis Star.

1250 Hart, John
775 King, Michael P.
730 Glasheen, Wm.
670 Powers, Dan
510 Hoffman, Mark
280 Anderson, Scott
280 Pischke, Sue
175 Mayer, Terry
130 Shaver, Gregory
50 Becker, Matthew
40 Loucks, Tom
30 Hertzberg, Mark
30 Ehlke, John
30 Apgar, Matthew
15 Gardner, Katie N.
15 Langenfeld, Mary

3 Responses to “August Clip Contest Results”

  1. Dan Powers says:

    Hey guys,

    I see that you listed me winning first place in multiple, but those are not my photos. I’m not sure I got points too for that or not. Might want to recheck all of the catagories and recheck the points given along with final tally. Also, what ever happened to the April results? I know we had to re-enter them because of a software glitch that month but did we ever get the results? Thanks…Dan.

  2. dsundin says:

    Thank you very much Dan for catching that error. Everything has been re-counted and the new gallery with the corrected information has been uploaded.

    As for the April results, I have stopped waiting for the last judge and have moved onto trying to find a new judge. Since the contest requires a new judge every month, timelines will vary from month to month.


  3. Dan Powers says:

    Great…thanks for all of your hard work Doug!

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