June Clip contest open for submission and call for resubmission of April Clips.

My apologies for the recent delays in the clip contest. I switched jobs and was without internet for several weeks. Somewhere in that time the security of the April clip contest images was compromised resulting in all of April’s clips being deleted. Fortunately each month’s clips were quarantined from each other so only the April clips were affected. January through March and May clips remain unaffected and safe. To ensure this does not happen again the clip contest is moving to using the service AirDropper. When you upload clips now they are stored on AirDropper’s servers, then copied to the Dropbox servers (another service), then copied to my local computer so I can send them out to judges. This gives three points of redundancy to help keep your clips safe.

The new submission process is slightly different, but just as easy. Go to airdropper.com/wnpaclipcontest and type in the month of you want to submit to:

For example:

This will then take you to the upload page where you can upload all the files you have for that month all at once.

The big difference is in the file naming. This is very critical because if you upload two images with the same file name one will be over-written. To solve this please follow this naming convention to ensure everyone has unique file names:

Start with the two letter category code followed by an underscore:

Spot news = sn_
General news = gn_
Feature = fe_
Multiple = mu_
Illustration = il_
Sports = sp_
Portrait = po_

Then follow it by your first initial, then your middle initial then your last name. If you have more than one photo in a category follow it by a number. For example:

Jon Doe Smith enters two photos in the spot news category:


Please number you multiple category in the order you want judges to view them. If you have over 10 photos make sure they go 01, 02…

June clip submission will be open from the 1st to the 7th and re-submission of April clips will be from the 1st to the 14th to give you extra time to submit two months worth of content.

If you have any questions please let me know and thank you for continuing to submit to the monthly clip contest.

Doug Sundin
WNPA Clip Chair

12 Responses to “June Clip contest open for submission and call for resubmission of April Clips.”

  1. Dan Powers says:

    Hey guys,
    Is there some way we can keep the new way of entering along with the rules all in one permanent spot on our website. I know there is a contest section. What are your thoughts? Thanks…Dan.

  2. Dan… we can add a new contest rules post to the News & Info/Contests/Clip Contest/Rules section. Doug or I can work on that.

    Eventually our end goal is to roll wnpaclipcontest.com into our site here so this will be a “one-stop-shop” for all WNPA info and participation.

  3. Doug Sundin says:

    That is the plan. The new version of wnpaonline.com was in developments when the digital clip contest started. Now that the new website is up I’m working on integration of the two sites where it is possible.

  4. Dan… I’ve added two entries (rules and entry procedure) to the top of the list of posts in the aforementioned category.

  5. Dan Powers says:

    Thanks guys…that is great!

  6. Dan Powers says:

    Just wondering what ever happened to the April results after we all re-submitted our clips. Thanks…Dan.

  7. dsundin says:

    I’m still waiting on the judge Dan. Thanks for checking in.

  8. John Ehlke says:

    Is anyone else having problems submitting August clips? or is it not open yet. Sorry if this question is a poor one but I am all new to this.

  9. Michael P. King says:

    Hi John,

    The Clip Contest deadline for a month is always 11:59p.m. of the 7th day of the next month. (The most recent example, August’s deadline was Sept. 7 at 11:59 p.m.) I believe the basis of this rule is that it gives participants a full week to prepare their clips from the previous month, and it keeps the contest running on a strict and swift schedule.

    For all the rules and instructions, go to: News & Info / Contests / Clip Contest / Rules


  10. John Ehlke says:

    Thanks Michael

    I had troubles at the beginning of the month opening the page. Each time I opened the link it would say there was a problem or it would just reload the air dropper page.

  11. Doug says:

    If that happens, restart your computer and make sure you are connected to the internet. If you still have issues, switch browsers. I use FireFox. If there are still issues make sure your computer is completely up to date. This includes programs, OS, drivers and plugins. If you still have issues email me a clipchair@wnpaclipcontest.com.

  12. John says:

    Thanks for the help. It brought up my photos on the page but it did not seem to load them up and each time I tried I could not get back in. I will just make sure to get on it a little earlier so I can give myself some time for unexpected problems as such. Thank you very much for the help.

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