Call for nominations and resolutions

We’ll preface this message by saying, “You’re allowed to say ‘no’,” but we sincerely hope you won’t.

You – yes, you – are passionate about what you do. You’re invested in visual journalism’s survival. And you – yes, we say, you – possess great ideas that could help photojournalism thrive again in Wisconsin.

WNPA is going through a fantastic renaissance, folks. Our annual POY contest this year was up in entries. Our monthly clip contest participation is up (and now digital!). Our annual convention attendance was up. Financially, we are stabilizing and building back our reserves. This recession does NOT have us down for the count.

But we need human resources to continue this revitalization because we are still at a critical point. After all this work to bring WNPA back, we can’t afford to lose steam. And so WNPA is asking for your help, and – if you can – for you to step forward and raise your hand.

We need to hold an election for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President whips everybody to action, the VP helps, the secretary records and communicates, and the treasurer keeps a close eye on our finances. Typically these elections have unfortunately gone uncontested. Please consider making it a contest this time around.

Contested elections are good for WNPA. They are a sign of vitality, an opportunity for new volunteers to enter leadership roles, and for longtime volunteers to step down after giving years of dedicated service without feeling like they’re leaving more work for others.

These four officer positions are not and should not be a burdensome year-round responsibility. Recently they have become more demanding because of the difficulty we have had getting volunteers to help with our convention and contests. If we properly spread responsibilities, the upkeep of one of the oldest and strongest state photojournalism organizations will not be too hard!

To nominate someone, or to nominate yourself for one of these positions, please comment on this article with a name and position. A nomination must be seconded for the nominee to be placed on the ballot. We will hold the call for nominations open until Friday, July 8, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. Then we will quickly proceed with the election.

Please consider an officer position, but if you’d prefer to give in other ways, here are our other needs:
-Help with our annual convention
-Help with our annual POY contest
-College/high school outreach
-Membership recruiting
-Website posting/maintenance
-Teaching a session or class at workshops, conventions and seminars we hold or participate in

Please let President Evan Siegle, or Vice President Katie (Derksen) Gardner know if you’re interested in giving your time to WNPA. We can also answer questions about what volunteering involves and what kind of commitment certain positions take. Trust us, we know how little time we all have these days. We’re thankful for anything you can do.

Also, we are accepting – through the above date and time – resolutions and recommendations for changes to WNPA’s constitution (bylaws) and what we’ll call “Policies and Procedures” (rules governing how we run the organization as well as contests). Any changes to those documents or policies require approval by voting members. Proposed changes will go on the ballot.

3 Responses to “Call for nominations and resolutions”

  1. I nominate myself, Michael P. King, for the position of Secretary.

  2. Dan Powers says:

    I second Michael’s nomination for Secretary and also nominate myself for Vice-President.

  3. Michael P. King says:

    I second Dan’s nomination.

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