A true father/son project

Wisconsin State Journal photojournalist Steve Apps and his father, University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Emeritus Jerry Apps, worked together to create a new book, “Old Farm: A History,” that is available for purchase now. Steve Apps did the photography work for the book and his father Jerry authored the book, which tells the life of their family farm, from the prehistoric conditions that shaped the land to the life they led on it over the last 40 years.

Here is an excerpt from a Wisconsin State Journal book review published in early November (direct link ):

The book stunningly illustrates the farm in all seasons, thank in part to photos by the author’s son, State Journal photographer Steve Apps. The central themes of the book will ring true with anyone who has lived in a rural community, as Apps speaks of the importance of recognizing what your land has to offer and how to use it in the most responsible way possible. “To value the land and the natural world demands an appreciation that goes deeper than knowing, deeper even than understanding — to the level that involves not only the head, but also the heart.”

Author Jerry Apps will appear at a free event at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County, 1006 Connie Road in Baraboo, to discuss and sign copies of the book.

The book is being published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Here is more information from the publisher:

One of the Midwest’s best-loved authors tells the story of his land, from the last great glacier that dug out its valleys and formed its hills, to his own family’s forty-year relationship with the beloved farm they call Roshara. In this quiet but epic tale, Apps describes the Native Americans who lived on the land for hundreds of years—tapping the maple trees and fishing the streams and lakes—as well as the first white settlers who tilled its sandy acres, ploughing the native grasses that grew taller than their teams of oxen. For all their work, the farm proved tough to tame. Hardscrabble farming methods—and hard luck—often brought failure, not success.

Purchase the book online:(direct link )

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