New Photographers Bill of Rights drafted

The Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council in partnership with the Wisconsin News Photographers Association drafted a new Photographers’ Bill of Rights.

Here is the preface from the Bill of Rights:

PHOTOGRAPHERS IN WISCONSIN have the same rights of access as other citizens; if the general public can photograph or videotape a location or event, the media can too. And, in their recognized role as “surrogates of the public,” members of the media are sometimes afforded special accommodation, such as access to crime and accident scenes and the ability to videotape court proceedings.

The Bill of Rights answers quetions photojournalists might have about their rights when it comes to: Public Meetings, Public Areas, Private Property, Private areas open to the public, Schools, Court Proceedings, Medical Facilities, Prisons, Museums, Casinos and offers more practical advice for photojournalists on the job.

Here is a link to the Photographer Bill of Rights (PDF document)

The Photographers’ Bill of Rights was jointly produced by the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council and Wisconsin News Photographers Association. For copies, visit .

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