News photographer dad to the rescue

Rick Wood, a photojournalist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has an interesting tale when he went to a wedding that his daughter was in during a weekend off work. He brought his camera to the wedding just for fun, but ended up saving the day. This is what Rick had to say of the experience:Active Image

My daughter was in a wedding and at the last minute called to say “Dad, my camera’s broken, can you bring your camera for a few shots?”

I showed, up with the my canon and 70-200 mm zoom plan.  Shot my daughter and had a great seat so rather than sitting through the wedding, I shot the service from my seat.

Well, 150 images later at the reception, the wedding photographer hired by the couple tells them his camera bag was stoled with all their wedding pictures. He was shell shocked and I offered to take over to finish the wedding. He agreed and I shot rest of it. The family called Jim Stingl our reporter and he wrote a rather interesting story in paper last Tuesday.

Here is the story that appeared online and in print in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee thief steals cameras, photos from reception

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