Welcome to the new WNPAonline.com!

A major redesign for WNPAonline.com is now here, showcasing a number of new features and drastically changing the presentation of information online.

There are better photo galleries incorporating Lightbox, a new-ish gallery browser. The membership page has been updated, and will allow users to add custom information and e-mail other users directly from WNPAonline.com

The WNPA member polls, story comments and Photojournalism weblog headlines are still here, but perhaps the biggest reorganization will be the dissolution of blog.WNPAonline.com. All of the data from the blog has been merged into WNPAonline, creating one comprehensive source of information, including vastly better archives.
Looking forward, the new site offers many potential upgrades including better handling of multimedia formats, online registration and an easier to use FTP function, including many others beyond the horizon.
Here’s a look back at the earlier versions of WNPAonline:
Active Image
Active Image
Active Image

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