WIAA seeks clarification on earlier article on WNPAonline

On April 13, WNPAonline posted an article summarizing WIAA’s  stance on photo reprint sales rights now that a similar situation in Illinois has been decided through the Illinois state senate.

Todd C. Clark, director of communications for the WIAA, read the article on WNPAonline and felt opinions expressed in a number of cited media works contained within the article were misleading or did not articulate WIAA’s position accurately.

I asked him if he was interested in preparing a statement that could straighten out any misleading information presented in the previous article as well as clearly spell out WIAA’s current stance as it pertains to state high school playoff events and photo reprint sales rights. Here is Communication Director Todd C. Clark’s response in his own words:

“Currently, the WIAA position is that photographs taken with the authoritative issuance of the media credential by news gathering outlets are strictly for editorial, non-commercial use only, except with written consent of the WIAA.

We choose not to deny photo credentials to newspapers or consider any other punitive action while we continue to have dialog. I know I respect the jobs and commitment photographers give to high school sports, and feel it would be more productive to continue dialog in the meantime. However, as we’ve stated, we reserve the right to our position as clearly indicated in our policies. We believe our policy is clearly stated about the commercial use of photos from the WIAA Tournament Series events. We would appreciate newspapers/photographers consideration in prescribing to ethics in working within these guidelines.”

(We are) hoping to provide a compromise with newspapers. I worked to get our official photographer to agree to allow newspapers the opportunity to sell State photos that actually appear in print and was working toward a similar type of limited sale for photos accompanying stories on the Website before we were, for a lack of a better term, “smeared” with editorials based on inaccurate assertions and misinformation.

The “without written consent of the WIAA” portion of the rule allows the opportunity for the WIAA to issue written consent for the sale of pre-State Tournaments (regionals and sectionals) with a licensure fee. The licensure fee is $100 for pre-State Tournaments (regional and sectional), which allows the licensee the opportunity to sell as many photos as they wish from regionals and sectionals.

Because our exclusive arrangement with VIP. Only VIP has the license to sell (or resell as the case may be) images from the State Tournaments.

The WIAA will host its annual Media Day, to be held July 17, 2008, Clark said various media rights issues as well as the current photo reprint sales rights issue are likely discussion topics. Clark is encouraging the WNPA to send its own representative to the annual media day. For more information, e-mail Todd C. Clark at tclark@wiaawi.org

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