How to e-mail winning images

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you may have already won. Or you just got back from assignment all fired up and are anticipating a monthly win in the near future. Or you may simply be wondering what to do in the event of a clip win.

Important things you should know before sending in your winner:

* Make sure the file is a JPEG
* 72 dpi resolution
* 1000 px maximum dimension
* Make sure caption information is present in file info or in the body of an e-mail
* Make sure captions are written in complete sentences and checked for spelling/grammar/punctuation errors, captions are posted as-is

Submitting Via E-Mail:

WNPA Clip Contest Winning Images Only may be sent to the WNPA website administrator for posting in the monthly clip contest winners gallery also embedded in an e-mail. Send e-mails to:

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