Guide to the Clip Contest

1. The contest is open to all WNPA members in good standing. All photographs published during the contest month are eligible. Previous winners, if published again in a different month, are not eligible.

2. Photos should be clipped from the publication and the name of the photographer, the publication and/or reporter, artist, designer must be removed from the front of the clip. Only published entries are eligible. Publication is defined as printed or electronically reproduced by a commercial enterprise. Simple database postings or personal website postings are not eligible. “Commercial enterprise” does not necessarily mean a for-profit endeavour and discretion in determining the form or context of a “commercial enterprise” is granted to the clip chairperson. Entries may be from any publication or enterprise except WNPA publications or enterprises. Each entry must be the work of an individual photographer. Clips may be printed out for entry only if they have been published on a recognized news organization’s website.

3. The following information should be clearly printed on the back of each clip:
Photographer’s name, Date of publication, Category, Name and address of publication
The clip chairman may disqualify any entry if information is incorrect, illegible or missing. And may disqualify all of the contestant’s entries for the month if the limit is exceeded. The clip chairman’s rulings are final. For hard copy publications, entries must be unmounted clippings or tearsheets. For electronically published photos, entries must be in the form of a hard copy print (traditional or electronically-generated) no larger than 8×10, with a screen shot of the picture’s online publication on the back showing its commercial enterprise context. For wire photos, a fax transmission from the wire service may be entered in lieu of a clip. If no fax transmission is available, no larger than an 8×10 print may be entered, but must be signed on the back by the local wire service bureau chief or photo chief. The clip chairman may, by discretion, waive the signature requirement.

4. There are seven Categories:
Spot News, General News, Sports, Feature-Single, Multiple, Portrait and Illustration. The same picture cannot be entered in more than one category. A picture entered in the single category cannot be entered in the multiple category. The clip contest committee may change an entry to a more appropriate category. The illustration category is judged quarterly. These judgings will take place with the March, June, September and December clips.

5. A total of nine clips can be entered per month

6. Points are awarded as follows:

50 First
40 Second
30 Third
15 Honorable Mention

Judges are instructed to judge only the pictures, disregarding picture size, color, quality of reproduction or layout as much as possible. And they will award a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2 HMs in each category every month. Each photographer entering the contest receives one point per month entered.

7. Points are totalled at the end of the year. The photographer with the highest point total is the Clip Photographer of the Year, provided the photographer has shown versatility by winning in at least three of the seven contest categories during the year. Also, a year-end tie within the top 10 scores, the rank(s) beneath the tie will be skipped for the next award. For example, a two-way tie for top place leaves third place for the next highest photographer.

8. Points count only in the state in which they are earned and cannot be transferred if the photographer moves to another state. Interns or students may enter their clips either in their state of residence or in the state where they work or attend classes, but they cannot transfer points between states.

9. It is understood that any copyright of an entry remains the property of the photographer or employer of the photographer. However, all participants agree that by entering the contest, they give permission to WNPA/NPPA for its regional and national publications to reproduce winning entries, either through ha copy or electronically, including and not limited to, regional publications, News Photographer magazine, WNPA magazine, commercial online services and WNPA/ NPPA presences on the Internet. Reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the security of electronic reproduction.

10. Clips must reach the clip chairman by the 7th day of the month following the contest month. Address entries to:

Cory Dellenbach
WNPA Clip Chairman
Shawano Leader
1464 E. Green Bay Street
Shawano, Wisconsin 54166

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