WNPA shooters Remember Brett Favre

Photojournalists across Wisconsin have covered Green Bay Packer football over the years, and many of us have had the chance to see a field-level view of Brett Favre’s storied career. After 17 years as a Packer, Favre retired. Will it be for good?

If it is, several WNPA members offer their memories, reflections or favorite photographs of the Packer quarterback to share.

Tom Lynn – photojournalist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“I was fortunate to have been able to cover Brett Favre from his first appearance as a Packer in Tampa Bay to his final game at Lambeau Field in this year’s NFC Championship. Brett was as much fun to photograph as he was to watch. From his precision passing, thrilling touchdowns and his never ending exuberance on the field along with his off field antics Brett was one of a kind. With so many highlights in his career like his diving touchdown at the final game at County Stadium, the cross filed bomb he threw to Sterling Sharpe in his first playoff win to the 1996 Super Bowl season and the Monday night game the day after his father passed away and so many more I don’t think there will ever be another player like Brett Favre.”
Dan Powers – photojournalist – Appleton Post Crescent
“I have photographed Brett Favre and The Green Bay Packers since 1995. In fact, it’s been so many games I stopped counting. Those games include numerous playoffs and two Super Bowl appearances. But out of all of those games, it’s the regular season game against the Oakland Raiders back in 2003 that sticks with me the most. The paper asked me to talk about it so we did a video.”
(excerpt from his blog Eye on the Ball on postcrescent.com)

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John Klein
– photojournalist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Brett Favre’s retirement announcement marks the end of a very fun era for covering Packer football. I have covered my share of losing football games over the years and it is no fun. Every Sunday win or lose Favre made photographing Packer games a lot more exciting. You really never knew what he might do next, including the bad with the good.” (excerpt from photojournalism blog Sharper Focus, a on JSonline.com)

Mark Hoffman – photojournalist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“I started at The Milwaukee Journal around the same time that Brett Favre started his streak. After talking to people who aren’t photojournalists, I realize how fortunate I’ve been to watch one of pro football’s greatest players from the sidelines, a view most people can only dream about.”

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Scott Anderson – photojournalist – Racine Journal Times
“Brett Favre started playing for the Packers when I was in the eighth grade, so I’m young enough to remember growing up watching him play and I’m old enough to say that I’ve covered him as a news photographer. The last game I remember covering when he played was a January 2005 home playoff loss to the Vikings. The Vikings played well, and the Packers had some injuries and struggled throughout the game. Favre spent most of the game running from opposing defenders and throwing passes to receivers that weren’t where they were supposed to be. The game showed me first-hand that winning and losing really mattered to him – a quality that endeared him to many people.”

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Bill Meyer – photojournalist – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Since everybody has great game action, I thought you might like to have a playful portrait of Brett Favre with his hat on backwards. Just another example of him enjoying himself every day at work.”

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