The POY is Ready to Rock

Just moments ago I put the finishing touches on this year’s POY and COPY files and as I write this I am feverishly backing them up onto every single storage device I own that they can fit on.

I have gone through the files, checked them, fixed the errors, and most of all enjoyed seeing so much higher-level work from Wisconsin’s students and pros.

The insights acquired from having done this for a few years now would have me guess that this years contests are going to come right down to the last category judged.

Everyone who can should try to make it to view student and/or pro judging at the Journal Sentinel. Watching judging offers a unique educational experience that photographers of every level can benefit from.

Student judging will begin at 1PM on Thursday March 27th

Pro judging will begin at 9AM on Friday March 28th

Stay tuned for more info or contact me with any questions.

Hope to see you there.

Nathan Pier
POY Contest Chair

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