Latest John Maniaci video project illustrates life of female athlete

John Maniaci of the Wisconsin State Journal recently completed a video project of a female distance runner in the Madison, Wis. area. It’s pretty cool. You can check it out here:

Maniaci had this to say about his most recent project:

This is a video that ran with a Sunday feature story. I brought the idea to the newsroom. They found a reporter to interview the runner. I found a driver to drive me around town to film the athlete while she ran. We filmed her during 3 different runs. Filmed interview took place in the WSJ studio. I put it together with FinalCut Pro and I’m looking for a new project now.

I wanted the sound of her breathing and footsteps to be the soundtrack. I edited her interview first, begining to end. Then I put down the video of her running. I didn’t have quite enough footage so I had to keep going back to her interview. Then I laid the sound of her breathing and running underneath and adjusted the sounds to a good blend.

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