WNPA multimedia contest proposal/discussion

I am re-posting this thread because the topic is generating some new discussion. I am also including an update:

My opinion is that we begin with introducing video/multimedia as part of our clip contest judging.  Here is my proposal:

Proposal for adding multimedia/video to the WNPA monthly clip contest
by Scott Anderson
January 3,2008

what: WNPA Quarterly Video/Multimedia contest

starting date: Q2 – 2008

breakdown: adding two categories to the contest. (one for video, one for non-video multimedia including audio slideshows, flash presentations, etc.)

entry rules: one submission per category per quarter, must be published online on a news media website or third-party media host.

points: same points rewards as current contest

submission guidelines: each contestant will be able to download a PDF form on WNPAONLINE that they can submit in the same envelope as their newspaper clippings. on the form, it will include the following information to fill out: 1) category 2) date published 3) contestant name 4) URL 5) news media organization/affiliation.
the WNPA member submitting the work, at a minimum, should be the person responsible for generating the footage/audio/images present in the submission.
If a contestant-submitted URL is non-functional or does not directly link to the submitted work, it automatically disqualifies that specific entry.

clip contest chair responsibilities: take the forms submitted to him/her, bundle them according to quarter and category, forward to judges for review. retrieve results and generate point totals

webmaster responsibilities: present the winners online by creating a set of links to be posted on the winners list on blog.wnpaonline.com.

philosophy: I believe this is something that can easily be done in order to keep WNPA in line with what other local/state/national media associations are doing. I want to help keep WNPA in touch with what’s going on in our field and, more importantly, help our members gain recognition for their work.
This is something that can be installed with the new clip contest chair when they assume the responsibility. We can promote the contest changes on the web site and provide easy explanations for how to participate.

why not multimedia for POY?: I believe WNPA has a long way to go before the organization can fully award merit for multimedia/video work. Significant philosophical changes would need to be made to the annual contest in the way it is formatted, arranged and awarded in order to embrace multimedia/video work. Adding a quarterly contest to our clip contest, I believe,  is an efficient way to begin awarding merit to WNPA members for their work.

what is the next step: I would like to work with either the existing or incoming clip contest chair to make this work. I would also like to see general approval from the WNPA board that this is a direction we need to go.

Original Post: October 24, 2007 – Over the last year or two, multimedia and video storytelling at newspapers has increased, and many of the people creating the projects are photojournalists who are members of WNPA.

As things continue to change for photojournalists, it is becoming clear to many that a contest might be needed to showcase this new work being produced by members of WNPA.

A number of unpaid volunteers from WNPA are trying to find a way to make this work: incorporating multimedia and/or video into our existing contest architecture.

The answer is simple: Find a way to reward suprior and exemplary work.
The questions are many:

1) Should there be a monthly or quarterly video/multimedia contest added on to the clip contest? or perhaps as an addendum to the annual POY contest.
2) Should point awards from a new video/multimedia contest be counted similarly or differently than points from existing still photography contests?
3) Judging video/multimedia can be time consuming. Should there be submission limits per member?
4) How would we present it to judges? Video could be hosted on WNPA’s Brightcove channel, and multimedia could be accessible via URL, but are those our best options?

Keep in mind, these types of discussions are going on right now, and address the question of “how we do this” rather than “should it be done“.

WNPA needs your help, your input and your ideas.

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