November 2007 Winners

Hello Friends,

The clips have returned marking our finest efforts in the eleventh month of the year 2007. The November clips were judged by our friends
on the photo staff at the Wichita Eagle in Wichita, Kansas. Hail to the victors.


1. Dan Lassiter–The Janesville Gazette=Ray Cardona comforts his sister at fire.
2. H. Marc Larson–Green Bay Press Gazette=Sheriff’s deputies shield Matthew Ellis after standoff.
3. Mark Hoffman–The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=Double fatality on I-43 in Grafton.


1. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=Oconto Falls’ Brynn Larsen
2. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=Oconto Falls’ BNate Stymiest
3. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=Green Bay Notre Dame’s Maureen Liddy
HM. John Maniaci-Wisconsin State Journal=Ohio State Football Fan
HM. Dan Powers-Appleton Post-Crescent=Neenah Rocket Kelsie Rankin


1. Kristyna Wentz-Graff-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=Twins Isabela and Ashleigh in car
2. Brian Passino-Kenosha News=Brilliant Sunset, tree silhouette
3. Dan Lassiter–The Janesville Gazette=Pigeons perch on pair of lightpoles.


1. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=The Janel DeGrave Family
2. Al Hoch–The Janesville Gazette=Four Arrested After Bank Robbery
3. Tom Loucks–The Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune=Sgt. 1st Class Crowley Returns


1. Mike DeVries–The Capital Times (Madison)=Mourning Sgt. Joshua C. Brennan
2. Brian Passino-Kenosha News=Alyssa Piccolo donates blood
3. Kristyna Wentz-Graff-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=Bruce Springsteen Ticket Line
HM. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=Funeral of Louis Griese at Algoma High School
HM. Evan Siegle–Green Bay Press Gazette=Stephanie Griese at Evergreen Cemetery


1. H. Marc Larson–Green Bay Press Gazette=Tod Kowalczyk pounds the floor
2. Mark Hoffman–The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=Ruvell Martin Lambeau Leap
3. Michelle Stocker–The Capital Times (Madison)=Rae Lin D’Alie V. Dominique Sisk
HM. Dan Powers-Appleton Post-Crescent=D. Drive 44-yard TD V. Chiefs Law & Pollard
HM. Dan Powers-Appleton Post-Crescent=Ryan Grant tackled (all horizontal) by Chad Greenway

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