June 2007 Winners

Hello Friends, I hope the holidays are treating you well. I walked into the office today and saw a package that came all the way from
Lubbock, Texas. That feller down there is slippery as a hog on ice but, without further ado, here are the results.
J. Maniaci==WNPA Clip Chair


1. Al Hoch-Janesville Gazette=Fireworks Caused Housefire
2. Mark Hoffman-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=Tornado Hits Bear Paw Resort
3. Dan Reiland-Eau Claire Leader-Telegram=Waste Research & Reclamation Fire


1. Mark Hertzberg-Racine Journal Times=Benjamin King waits for an iPhone
2. Andi Stempniak-Eau Claire Leader-Telegram=Walking Sticks At Bible Camp
3. Gregory Shaver-Racine Journal Times=Alan Lews at Gateway Graduation


1. Tom Loucks-Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune=Fishing Boat needs a Tow
2. Susan Pischke-Manitowoc Herald Times=Conner Bessler Zips a Backpack
3. Steve Kinderman-Eau Claire Leader-Telegram=Ty Halle’s Mummy Race


1. Evan Siegle-Green Bay Press-Gazette=Chad Brosig & his chopper/mohawk
2. H. Marc Larson-Green Bay Press-Gazette=Jeanie Kurka Reimer w/poster
3. Dan Powers-Appleton Post-Crescent=Tennis ace Phil Borden
HM. Dan Lassiter-Janesville Gazette-Pianist Andrew Langston


1. Cory Dellenbach-Shawano Leader=Tee-Ball batter/eye contact
2. Al Hoch-Janesville Gazette=Craig High bench eyes a strikeout
3. Andi Stempniak-Eau Claire Leader-Telegram=Corey Geary of Aquinas safe at two.
HM. Al Hoch-Janesville Gazette=Williams Bay celebrates v. Hurley in Title Game


1. Kevin Poirier-Kenosha News=Brighton Dairy Breakfast
2. Kristyna Wentz-Graff=Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel=iPhone Release Gala
3. Evan Siegle-Green Bay Press-Gazette=Nguyen Family Reunion


1. Dan Powers-Appleton Post-Crescent=Appleton Catcher’s Strategy
2. Dan Lassiter-Janesville Gazette=Asparagus Tips
3. Al Hoch-Janesville Gazette=Choco-Luscious

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