FOUR ON THE FLOOR: New WNPA officers in place

The WNPA officer elections went smoothly, so smoothly, in fact, that all four candidates up for election were unanimously nominated, negating the need for an election. Here are the four cool people who will be helping us out this year in an official capacity:

PRESIDENT: Tom Lynn, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff photographer
for the past 22 years, Tom has been involved with WNPA throughout his
career. He served as vice-president on last year’s board.

VICE-PRESIDENT: Jonathan Daniel joined Getty Images/Sport 3 1/2 years ago as a full-time staff photographer after a 17-year career as a free-lance sports photographer based in Chicago. Daniel spent the early part of his career as an award-winning photographer for a suburban Chicago newspaper. Daniel recently relocated to New Berlin, Wisconsin after his wife, Jinger took a job on the faculty of the Medical College of Wisconsin. While still responsible for covering Chicago Sports, Daniel also spends time covering major sports in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

TREASURER: Rick Wood, staff photographer at the Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel for 29 years. Rick has served as Treasurer of the WNPA for  many

SECRETARY: Tom Loucks, multimedia coordinator and chief photographer at the Daily Tribune in Wisconsin Rapids. He previously served as a board member.

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