2008 POY: It’s Never too Early to Improve on Perfection

Now that the elections are under our collective belt, I wanted to chime in and ask our membership if there was anything about the 2007 POY that they felt needed improvement. After some soul searching and a simple analysis of the current software and hardware I am somewhat worried that our current OS9 based system and my poor tired powerbook might be reaching the end of their useful life.

With this in mind, I would like to strike up a conversation regarding any and all changes the leadership and membership might be interested in seeing in the hopes that good intentions are given time to develop into an even better contest next year.

Some of you may have also caught wind that I am changing jobs again for, what is it now…, the fifth time since 2004. It is my intention to, at this time, make an ironclad commitment to running the contest for another year. However, I am interested in finding someone who would like to learn the ropes and be my wing-man or wing-woman. Any interested party can contact me at ndpier@gmail.com

Until next time,

Nathan Pier

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