WNPA ELECTIONS: Presidential Nominations Open

In an effort to include more of our members in the election process,

the WNPA board has decided to try the nomination process online, and will
mail ballots to all WNPA members for voting after the nomination period
has ended. We will have open nominations through our website until May 25.

Here is our nominee for President:

Active Image
Tom Lynn, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff photographer
for the past 22 years, Tom has been involved with WNPA throughout his
career. He served as vice-president on last year’s board.

We will have open nominations through our website until May 25. Any
WNPA member of good standing may nominate someone for any of the positions
by commenting on this blog. You must state your first and last name,
and the person you are nominating must be a WNPA member. It’s a good
idea to give some background on the person you are nominating as well.

Nominations must be seconded by another WNPA member on this website.
All it takes to second a motion is to write “I second the motion to
nominate (said person) and sign your full name.
Only replies by WNPA members with verifiable e-mail addresses will be considered.

At the end of the nomination period we will be mailing ballots with the
nominees to all WNPA members. The board’s nominations will stand for
any offices that do not receive nominations other than the board’s

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