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By Scott Anderson
WNPA Webmaster

As more and more news photographers pick up video and sound editing equipment in our changing field, they often are forced to learn on the fly.

As a supplement to, and often in place of company-supported industry training, many of us cobble together tips, tricks and workable solution from a variety of sources including: e-mail lists, online forums, video weblogs and word of mouth.

Recognizing this, will feature articles from News Videographer on the main page, right below headlines.

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“When I first started, I had to learn everything about shooting video,” Grant said. “My goal is to make this a truthful forum and something people can use.”

“I wanted to learn enough to become an expert in it, to be in the loop.”

Grant is cut from the first generation of news photographers schooled in video an d multimedia journalism techiques at the university level. She graduated with degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Government from the University of Texas at Austin in Spring of 2006. As a student video journalist, she began blogging about it.

“The key is to really be open to making mistakes, having your eyes open to them and making changes,” she said.
She created the weblog In The Circle to being documenting her journey in the young field. In The Circle still, an ancestor to News Videographer, exists in its current form at:

“I was writing about it before it really caught on,” she said.

Grant said her blog really caught on once it garnered the attention of Mindy McAdams, a pioneering educator in online and interactive journalism techniques and philosophies.

Video critiques will also be available, Grant said, to anyone who submits a video for review. Critiques are welcome by sending a link to the video to:

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