Note from Jim Brandenburg

I thought I’d pass this note along.

Mark Hoffman


Thank you for your kind note. I hope my wanderings on stage somehow made sense.The mix-up at my office about the time 3:00 vs. 7:00, did throw me a little. Sorry.

I really enjoyed talking to you and your friends after the show.

I felt like I was visiting the Holyland with all the incredible photojournalistic heritage that has
touched my life.

The Hotel Metro was so nice I wanted to stay another day… and the Museum!!!!! I was a little intimidated by that awesome structure. I sent links of the website to all my friends.

Its the second time in a month I’ve crossed paths with a 11/23 person. The other one was a lady doing a long magazine story on me. At the very end of several hours of interview we compared ages. Same day – same year.

I can tell there is never a dull moment around your house. Give my greetings to your wife.

I Hope we connect again Mark, take care.

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