OUT OF BOUNDS: NPPA takes in-depth look at state newspapers clash with WIAA

A recent article published online by the National Press Photographers Association, NPPA.org takes a detailed look at Wisconsin newspaper’s clash with the WIAA over usage, resale and access rights to state high school athletic events. This rising debate in Wisconsin is being echoed in several other states, including Louisiana, where state newspapers have successfully agreed to media access, video and resale reforms with their state’s athletic association.

Here is an excerpt from the NPPA article, with a nice lead-in featuring the work of fellow WNPA member Mark Hertzberg:

BUFFALO, NY (March 5, 2007) – An eMail from NPPA member Mark Hertzberg, director of photography for The Journal-Times in in Racine, WI, in early January began a discussion about a growing concern where the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) was attempting to prohibit newspapers from selling photographs that have been published only online, and video shot by newspapers, and asking papers to pay a $100 licensing fee to cover regional and sectional games in order to be able to sell those photographs. In addition, they wanted to prohibit the sales of all photos from the championship games, and told freelancers hired by newspapers to cover games that they cannot resell their own photos.

More recently, the issue surfaced again in Louisiana when the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) wanted newspapers to agree that only photographs that were actually printed in the newspaper could be sold, a position they quickly reversed when publishers objected and some photographers staged a symbolic walk-out from a sports event.

Full text of the article can be found at:

OUT-OF-BOUNDS: More Attempts By Athletic Associations To Curtail Photo Coverage

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