Convention Food Guide and POY advice from NP

As the WNPA POY contest looms on the horizon I thought it was only appropriate to chime in with some tips and tricks for first-timers on how to keep your sanity during and after the judging.

I know how it is, the photo, or even worse, the story that you had attached all of your hopes for recognition to gets the heave-ho from the judges. Instead of immediately expressing your disgust in the direct and less than dignified form of a moan, groan or expletive, remember that judging is a highly subjective process.

Just because someone stomps on your “baby” it doesn’t mean that they hold any contempt of feel any disrespect for you or your work in general. If you’re mad about the results, take it out on the 2007 POY contest… you have 9 months left to make your winning images.

With that said, I do understand that after judging has ended many photographers will have cause to celebrate or drown their sorrows… please do so responsibly. Besides, if you overdo it, you are going to miss out on some of the fantastic door prizes. Mr. Powers has secured a wide variety of great prizes and arriving late for the morning or afternoon sessions will result in missing your chance at some great gear.

Since everyone is going to have to fill their stomach with some sort of sustenance during the convention, I have also compiled the following list of restaurant type places that I enjoy eating at when in the downtown Milwaukee area:

The King and I (Thai cuisine *vegetarian options)
830 Old World 3rd St

Buck Bradley’s (great burgers, sandwiches, fish fry)
1019 Old World 3rd St

The Historic Turner Restaurant (American and German cuisine)
1034 N 4th St

Alterra at The Lake (great coffee, tea, quick breakfast or lunch *vegetarian options)
1701 N Lincoln Memorial Dr

The Old German Beer Hall (Brats, Fish fry)
1009 Old Word 3rd St

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