ATTN Students: Dale Guldan Memorial Scholarship Available


A co-worker at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel described Dale Guldan this way–“At its core, journalism is based on storytelling, and in that trade, Dale Guldan was a master craftsman.” Guldan was a staff photographer at the Milwaukee Journal and later, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel since 1977, and died at age 51.

Dale Guldan was a gifted photographer, creating images that informed, inspired and entertained. The camera was his means of expression, his medium for conveying the stories he saw and the passion he felt. His work was honored with countless awards, including winning the Wisconsin News Photographer of the Year title four years in a row.

He was compassionate, participating in medical and relief missions around the world. He had a quick wit and was a sly practical joker. And at the heart of it all was his love and devotion to his wife and two children.

Dale’s contributions to the photojournalism community continue through The Dale Guldan Memorial Scholarship. This $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student currently enrolled in a Wisconsin college or university and is studying photography. The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who are dedicated to the art of photography and/or photojournalism.

Applicant requirements

  1. Student must be a Wisconsin resident, or be attending a college or university in Wisconsin in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  2. Student must be pursuing a career in photography or photojournalism-related field.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the application. Deadline is May 25, 2007.
  2. Write a 500-word statement describing your aspirations regarding photography, your reasons for choosing this field, and any future plans that may include studying or practicing photography.
  3. Submit a portfolio of 6-10 images. Picture stories are encouraged, and will count as one entry in the portfolio. Stories are limited to 10 photographs. Total number of images in the portfolio may not exceed 20. Quality is more important than quantity, so edit your work carefully. This is not strictly a portfolio contest. Portfolios will be evaluated on technical ability, style and ability to make connections with your subject.

Download Application Form (2 pages)

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