POY Update

Let me start out by saying that I am tremendously grateful to everyone who got his or her files in on time. While many of you demonstrated excellent procrastination skills the deadline was honored.

While I am handing out kudos, I have survived processing the files into their contest format and am pleased to report that the degree of accuracy to which the files were prepared in both student and pro classes was the best it has been in my history of contest involvement.

The FTP submission was also a resounding success and will certainly return next year for anyone who was wondering. Apart from a few minor hiccups for one student and one pro (one of which was my fault) it seemed to go smoothly.

Now that most of the heavy lifting I had to do is done I would like to remind everyone that judging is open to the any interested students or professionals (no matter if they entered or not) and will be held at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 333 W State St. Milwaukee, WI 53202.

Student judging will be on Thursday March 29 at 1 PM. As a former student I realize that this means setting the alarm clock early but the knowledge gained from seeing your images judged will be beneficial to you in your quest for photographic greatness.

I am looking for a few additional working or retired pros to judge the student contest. If you are interested, please let me know.

Pro judging will be on Friday March 30 at 9 AM. I, again, encourage anyone who is interested, especially students, to attend pro judging. Call it an educated guess or maybe superstition but I think we are going to have a first time POY winner this year in pro and the points race to become Photographer of the Year is almost certain to go down to the wire.

The strength of the images in both student and pro is outstanding and a testament of the level of talent we have in Wisconsin. Thanks to all who entered, your hard work is makes our great contest possible.

Nathan Pier

WNPA POY Contest Chair

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