Clip Contest Tidbits

Hello News Photographers,
I’m sorting through the January clips that y’all have sent in and I’m thrilled at the large number of shooters that sent their images. There are at least twice as many entries for January than there were for December. I hope that this continues and the contest is truly a gauge of the best work being published out there each day. After finishing my first stint as clip chair, I’d also like to share a few things I have noticed each month. These are just my opinions and
I cannot back these up with any scientific research but here goes. If you want to win more clips, know that……

1. Sports and Features carry the most entries each month. It is much harder to make your work stand out in these categories. General News is not far behind here. Many, many entries each month.

2. Feature Multiple almost always has the fewest entries. There were a couple of months with only three or four entries here.

3. Illustrations are also few and far between. If you enter a few really nice Illustrations each quarter, your chances will greatly improve.

4. Very Few people enter spot news. There are a few people that send in alot of spot news photos and they always do well.

Thats it. Good luck. Shoot for yourself and your readers, not to win contests, but do enter
your best work each month.

John Maniaci
WSJ Photo
WNPA Clip Chair

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