A Little Incentive (very little) to get Those POY Entries in

January 11th, 2007

As an incentive for getting the POY entries in early and accurate I will be putting up a camera from my personal collection as an incentive to one very special pro or student boy or girl who manages to be first to do all of the following:

– Get your POY contest files submitted via FTP or CD
– Have 100% accuracy in file and entry form preparation

That’s it… These two simple things will allow you to inherit a true photographic crown jewel from my collection.

About the Camera:


My “OG” HOLGA camera is an early version featuring… well, featuring the same features, or lack there of, found on any other HOLGA: one shutter speed, two (sort of) aperture settings, hot shoe, a funky 1970’s tapestry style camera strap, and just the right amount of gaffer’s tape. It is set up for 6×6 images and I will include one roll of film, a second 120 spool and the lens cap but only if I can manage to find it.

I will announce the winner the week of the judging and convention and they can pick up their awesome brand new used camera at either judging session or at the convention.

Good luck!

Nathan Pier

POY Contest Czar

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