So what do you think is cool?

Hey guys…
So, now that we know who our speakers are, it’s time for my annual fundraising (door prizes!) for the convention. I will talk to my usual folks who have been VERY generous, but I’m wondering if there is anything out there that you think would be cool to win. And no…Porsche is not an option. I would say that our donated items have ranged in price from $10 to $350 depending on the item. I am also wondering if you guys might consider talking to your editors regarding a donation/door prize from you newspaper. As an example, The Post-Crescent is going to donate another camera this year…I know that Rick Wood is enjoying his Leica digital point and shoot from last year! No donation/door prize is too small and we had a lot of fun giving things away to those who attended last year’s convention. So…fire away and let me know what you think…either post an idea or email me at, and the sooner the better! Thanks…Dan.

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