October 2006 Winners

Greetings News Photographers,

The clips from October were judged by Ken Lyons, Lee Fiedler and Bobby Coker at The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Florida.

Kudos to Mark Hertzberg for some great news photography and Dwight Nale for ripping the camera out of their hands and showing his staff how to take great pictures instead of just telling them.

Award winners please send your entries to Scott Anderson so they can appear online;

Spot News
1. Mark Hertzberg-Deputy’s car in accident
2. Corey Wilson- Fatal Shooting Chalk Outline
3. Dan Lassiter-Dump Truck Fire

General News
1. Mark Hertzberg-Horlick Truancy Patrol
2. Mark Hertzberg-Cosey found guilty of murder
3. Terry Mayer-Fallen soldiers combat boot display


1. Kirk Wagner-Miniature horse equine therapy
2. Patrick Ferron-Wal-Mart Santa birthday present
3. Mark Hertzberg-Racing Sausages Tailgate Party


1. Evan Siegle-Tim R. at Paul’s Pantry
2. Gregory Shaver-Lee Vazquez and bicycle
3. Tom Loucks-Don Farrish with coffee


1. John Maniaci-Hoosier Sacked
2. Dwight Nale-Packers Battering Ram
3. Mark Hoffman-Al Harris tips Chris Chambers

Feature Multiple

1. Evan Siegle-Operation K9 Love
2. Terry Mayer-Officer Martin & school security
3. Bruce Halmo-M60A3 Tank returns to town

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