2006 POY: A Multimedia Category?

This is the official discussion thread for talking about whether or not this year’s Wisconsin News Photographer Association’s Photographer of the Year competition should consider adding a multimedia category.

Here are some arguments and counterarguments to get us going:

Why we should add a multimedia category:
Photojournalists across the state and across the country are devoting more and more time to videography, sound recording and multimedia production. There should be a reliable way to award merit for their work and innovations in the same way we already recognize the time-honored traditions that are in place.

Why we need to avoid adding a multimedia category:
Not all projects are the same, it would be like judging apples versus oranges. A project made on soundslides should not be compared with an elaborate Flash presentation that the photojournalist contributed to, but did not produce. Also, the judging process could be problematic, and ultimately time-consuming.

Discuss …

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