September 2006 Winners

Hello Photojournalists,

Clips for September were judged at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune in California.
Please send your winning photos to Scott Anderson so that we can all share the
fine work that is turned in every month. Link Below for sending winners;

Spot News

1st Steve Kinderman James Street Fire
2nd Dan Lassiter Hwy. 14 Car Crash
3rd Terry Mayer Elkhorn Warehouse Fire

Spot News:
Not a lot to look at. Pictures were fairly standard. Winning photo had nice elements that made it better than average.


1st Kirk Wagner Mohawked Frisbee Diver
2nd Al Hoch Riverside Park Fisherman
3rd Mike DeSisti Quarry Quest Boom Lifts
HM Al Hoch Slip N’ Slide Record

Always an easy category to judge as the best photos reveal themselves right away. Winning photos were nice moments with an edge of something unusual about them.


1st Mary Langenfeld Home Talent Baseball
2nd Michelle Stocker Wristband Playcalls
3rd John Maniaci P.J. Hill Run

Good category with strong photos as the winners. First Place (Mary Langenfeld) was great home plate action. Second Place (Michelle Stocker) had an active eye moment run nicely in the paper.

General News

1st John Maniaci Nuns at the Doctor
2nd Mike DeSisti First-Day-Of-School Eye Rub
3rd John Maniaci Abused Dogs Rescued
HM Mark Hoffman St. Adalbert Church Prayer

General News:
Winning photos had nice moments between them. All had a good news sense that told a nice story.


1st Dan Powers Nu-Age Wrestling Champ
2nd Dan Lassiter Ethiopian Adoptee

Both winning photos gave the reader the sense of who the person in the photo was. There were a lot of non-portrait photos in this category;

Feature Multiple

1st Dan Lassiter Dunkin’ Dawgs
2nd Evan Siegle Green Bay Milkman
3rd Corey Wilson New Teacher’s First Week

Three winning entries told a short story. Third Place (Corey Wilson) entry’s headline “First Week” doesn’t match the photos which look like they were shot in one day. Most entries were a collection of averge photos lacking a focal point.


1st John Maniaci Bone Care Funding
2nd John Maniaci Hot Tips to Stay Cool
3rd Mark Hoffman Tomato Salad

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