July 2006 Winners

September 7, 2006 – Hello Journalist, I bring you good news today. Your work has been chosen as some of the
finest produced by Wisconsin photojournalists for the month of July 2006.

The photos were judged by the staff at The Daily Camera in Boulder, Co.

This is what they have decided. Congratulations. Thanks for keeping the WNPA

John Maniaci, WNPA Clip Contest Chair

Spot News
1. John Maniaci–Beltline Car Accident
2. Michelle Stocker–UW Policeman Vanderbloemen swamped
3. Steve Kinderman–Father and sons on flooded Clairemont Ave.
HM. Kevin Poirier–Jason Mehalko consoles his girlfriend

General News
1. Terry Mayer–Inmate Carol Waters reflects
2. Sam Castro–Ber Lee places incense
3. Mike DeSisti–Nezira Zolota pumps her fists
HM. Patrick Ferron–Skyler Evers Changes Oil

1. Kirk Wagner–Upside down teenagers
2. Michael King–Kenyetta Fiffer brushes hair
3. Kevin Poirier–Jacob Hansen under umbrella
HM. Evan Siegle–Keenan Patterson on swingset
HM. Evan Siegle–Weston Malcore slam dunk

1. Evan Siegle–Jack Bancroft tips his hat
2. Patrick Ferron–Nick Van Dyke with globe
3. Terry Mayer–Steve Sorg in the Stearman cockpit

1. Corey Wilson–Bill Hall leaps over Phil Nevin
2. Steve Kinderman–Jerrod Collier falls over handlebars
3. Kirk Wagner–Lynndale Ihm and Sarah Wetts hug

Feature Multiple

1. Mark Hoffman–The story of fireworks
2. Dan Lassiter–Curfew Crackdown
3. Kevin Poirier–Retired caregivers Jerry and Vera Martin

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