June 2006 Winners

August 25, 2006 – June WNPA monthly clip results are here. Clips were judged by the staff at the Courier-Post, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Spot news
1 Corey Wilson: Allouez Fire
2 Kevin Poirier: Bristol Fire
3 Corey Wilson: Bellevue Trailer Fire

1 Evan Siegle: Prep Golfer
2 Evan Siegle: Prep Discus
3 Evan Siegle: Prep Soccer
HM Kevin Poirier: Santa Ines Farmer

1 John Maniaci: Stem Cell Research
2 Dan Powers: Puzzle Executive
3 John Maniaci: Herbal Tea

General News
1 Kirk Wagner: Drive-In Movie
2 Mark Hoffman: Memorial Balloon Launch
3 Dan Lassiter: Mopar T-34 Airplane
HM Mike DeSisti: National Guard Sendoff

Feature Multiple
1 Kevin Poirier: The Mexican Way
2 Bruce Halmo: Midway Rides
3 Corey Wilson: Harley Rally
hm Al Hoch: Lake Geneva Raceway

1 Mike DeSisti: Seymour/Xavier Baseball
2 Tom Loucks: UWSP Baseball Celebrate over Ripon
3 Dan Powers: Soccer Goal Scored
HM Dan Lassiter: Parker Shortstop tags Craig
HM Tom Loucks: Assumption Fatherly Hug

1 H. Marc Larson: Umbrella Kids
2 Sam Castro: Three Porthole Faces
3 Gregory Shaver: Armenian Picnic Guitarist

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