Friend To WNPA Needs Help

From Roger Turner, retired Wisconsin State Journal Photographer

Cliff (and June) Harmon of The Harmon Studio in Algoma, WI were good friends
of WNPA. Used to provide hospitality rooms at WNPA functions and worked
with members to give ‘em good service and preferential treatment on
equipment purchases.

Quite by accident I crossed paths with him two weeks ago in a nursing home
in Algoma while I was there with another friend of ours. Cliff has
Parkinson’s disease and, though I didn’t think he was even aware of my
speaking with him, he did react. I thought he was having a really bad
reaction to my visit and got a nurse who said he was trying to communicate.
His daughter is the head of the nursing staff and she was thrilled when she
heard I’d visited him. Thought it would be wonderful if others who knew
him might stop by or send a note. (Who knows when any of us might be in
similar straits and a little bit of attention might bring a lot of joy to
Cliff and his family.) To that end I’m wondering if the WNPA website or any
mailing in the very near future might pass along this call.

He’s at: Algoma Long Term Care Unit
1510 Fremont St
Algoma, WI 54201

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