Better late than never

Friends and Colleages,

It’s an honor to be a new member of the WNPA board. As a 7-year member of this organization, I hope to be able to contribute in a positive and tangible way, serving you all to be the best of my ability. One thing I haven’t been good at is getting this column up and running. You all know how busy things can get, but that’s no excuse! I’ll be chatting away at you more often from here on out.

I don’t know about you, but each year following a convention, I come away motivated and ready to tackle another year of making photos. This year’s convention was well planned and perfectly executed. If you haven’t already thanked the people who worked hard to put on the event, take a few moments and let them know how much you appreciated their hard work.

Conventions also get the little hamster wheels in my head turning. But being on the WNPA board has a whole new realm of things running through my mind.

I wonder, what in addition to the great conventions (which are an important service to provide and obviously appreciated by the membership) what else could WNPA do to support its membership?

It’s hard to come up with anything!

The association has made huge strides in communicating to the membership the past few years, through the magic of Scott Anderson’s great website design. WNPA members can easily view a wide variety of work, keep abreast of news in the photography world, and find interesting things to keep you digging on the site for hours.

But I know our state has a wealth of talent, an abundance of dedication and more importantly, a group of passionate photographers who are striving to improve their craft. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to have more time to talk to those people then just a few short conversations at the conventions.

Again, Scott Anderson to the rescue. (What would we do without this guy??)

Starting September, we will add a live chatroom to the WNPA website. On the first Wednesday of each month, this coming September 6, you can join in on a live chat with photographers from the across the state. Once a month we will have topical chats, hosted by a variety of photographers and editors.

Give it a try! On the 6th I will host an open chat from 6-7 p.m., about what WNPA members find important, upcoming topics they would like to see on the chat, suggestions for the convention, or anything else you want to discuss!

Watch the website for a calendar of times and dates of chats. Please feel free to make suggestions about who and what you would like to see featured.

The chat room can also be used at any time, just by signing in so drop in and see who’s around.


Kristyna Wentz-Graff
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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