May 2006 Winners

UPDATED July 13, 2006 – Judges comments from Chicago Tribune Photography staff have been added to the winners list.

June 30, 2006 – Winners of the May WNPA clip contest judged by Alex Garcia, Jose More, Wes Pope and Nancy Stone of the Chicago Tribune were recently announced. Here are the winners from this month:

Spot News
1st – Corey Wilson, Press-Gazette, Driver Crashes
2nd – Al Hoch, Janesville Gazette, Opening the Roof
3rd – Mike De Sisti, Post-Crescent, Night Fire

1st – Clear winner ahead of others with good emotion and context.
2nd – Good detail on a small spot news event.
3rd – Good technical execution of a night fire.
Overall – Category wasn’t strong, but Tribune photographers sympathized with lack of spot news some months.

General News
1st – John Maniaci, Wisconsin State Journal, Soldiers
2nd – Dan Lassiter, Janesville Gazette, DUI
3rd – Mark Hoffman, Journal Sentinel, Boxes
HM – H. Marc Larson, Press-Gazette

1st – Jumped out as clear winner, strong composition, good moment, good technicals.
2nd – Strong emotion, didn’t need second submitted photo.
3rd – Judges liked quirkiness of image but found a bit hard to read. Needed better composition.
HM – Just fun, good catch.
Overall – Not a real strong category except for 1st place.

1st – Evan Siegle, Press-Gazette, Pelicans
2nd – Mike De Sisti, Post-Crescent, Umbrella
3rd – Dan Lassiter, Janesville Gazette, Underwater

1st – Rose to the top because of its interesting graphic quality. Needed better crop.
2nd – Good use of color and composition
3rd – Good attempt but needed stronger focal point.
Overall – By far the most disappointing category. Lots of cliches, no clear winners for 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

1st – Evan Siegle, Press-Gazette
2nd – Sam Castro, Sheboygan Press
3rd – Bruce Halmo, Sheboygan Press

1st – Strong execution, but judges felt photo needed something stronger contextually
2nd – Judges liked candidness
3rd – Judges were split on this one. Some felt it was too contrived and not well executed. Others like the attempt and thought it was fun.
Overall – Man of the entries weren’t really portraits, seemed too featurey. It was tough to find a standout.

1st – William Glasheen, Freelance, Extra Innings Loss
2nd – Dan Lassiter, Janesville Gazette
3rd – Steve Kinderman, Leader-Telegram, A Soaking Celebration
HM – Mike De Sisti, Post-Crescent, Second Base

1st – Was unanimous. Great moment and composition. Judges would have liked to see it BIG!
2nd – Had an unusual expression and reaction.
3rd – Very nice execution of a standard post-game event.
HM – Out-of-the-ordinary game action. Some judges though it was a moment too late.
Overall – Good category overall.

Feature Multiple
1st – Mike De Sisti, Post-Crescent, Soldiers
2nd – Terry Mayer, The Week, Milk
3rd – Gregory Shaver, Journal Times

1st – Unanimous. Good storytelling images, varied interesting and meaningful.
2nd – Simple fun story that was well-executed. Judges loved the jump photo. Why the type over the lead image?
3rd – Clean, simple interesting with good moments.
Overall – Strong category for the most part. Lots of images would have taken 1st place in other categories as singles.

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